New hope for patients battling brain and spinal cord injuries

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New hope for patients battling brain and spinal cord injuries

On Behalf of | Jul 8, 2020 | Uncategorized |

Individuals in Texas and throughout the United States who suffer brain and spinal cord injuries may now have an increased chance at a full recovery due to a new treatment discovered by research scientists. The new treatment has already demonstrated the ability to significantly decrease the swelling that occurs in the brain after brain and spine is injured.

The new treatment is the result of a collaborative effort by an international team of scientists and involves the use of trifluoperazine, an antipsychotic medicine that is already licensed for patient use. The medicine helps patients who have suffered a catastrophic injury to the brain and spine by altering the behaviors of a tiny cell part known as an aquaporin. These cell parts act as pores for the water channels within the cell.

A preliminary rat study showed that a single dose of TFP to the trauma site of the injured rat was sufficient to restore full movement and complete sensitivity in as short a time as two weeks. A group of rats who were not treated with the medication was still suffering the effects of their injuries up to six weeks later.

The status TFP enjoys as a licensed drug by the United States Food and Drug Administration means an extended period of time will not be needed before the drug can be used to help victims of brain and spinal trauma.

An injury to the brain and spinal cord is a devastating experience that can completely alter the life of the victim. Many of these injuries occur due to no fault of the injured person. Partnering with a lawyer that specializes in brain and spinal cord injuries will allow for all the facts of your specific case to be carefully examined in order to ensure you receive the compensation you will need to rebuild your life.

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