Research indicates daylight saving may spark medical malpractice

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Research indicates daylight saving may spark medical malpractice

On Behalf of | Sep 22, 2020 | Medical Malpractice |

For Houston residents who are receiving medical care and treatment, a worst-case scenario is if they are injured or become ill because of an error on the part of a doctor or other medical professional. This happens quite frequently and can result in long-term injuries and death. These missteps can happen in myriad ways. Understanding examples of why certain medical malpractice incidents have taken place can give people a guideline to gauge whether they too were victimized. This can be the basis for a legal filing for compensation.

Study shows number of mistakes due to spring daylight saving time

Moving the clocks forward in the spring and backward in the fall is a fundamental and accepted part of life. Still, there are issues with getting accustomed to the changes. A recent study suggests that the immediate aftermath of the time change may lead to an increase in medical mistakes. Using self-reported safety problems, researchers looked at eight years of data and the full week before and after time changes in the spring and fall.

In general, there was no noticeable difference in errors in the weeks prior to the time changes. However, when looking at one key part – human error – it found the spring change had an increase of nearly 19%. A significant number of the errors were medication-related. Patients were either given the wrong drug altogether or given their medication in an improper dose. Researchers suggest that the entire concept of daylight saving is antiquated and ending the practice could result in better safety for patients.

Determining why a medical error occurred is a key aspect of a legal case

Changing the clocks might not be foremost in a person’s mind when they are a loved one is injured or becomes ill due to a mistake on the part of medical professionals. It is something to consider for people who might have been negatively impacted by a medical mistake in the past or are concerned that outside issues could have been the catalyst for a misdiagnosis, wrong-site surgery, medication error or other failure. Any of these gaffes could result in a person suffering life-changing illnesses, conditions or injuries and even losing their lives. To assess a potential error and decide how to proceed, legal advice may be needed. Consulting with a firm experienced in medical malpractice claims can provide guidance and advice in seeking compensation.


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