Assigning responsibility in a Jet Ski accident

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Assigning responsibility in a Jet Ski accident

On Behalf of | Oct 21, 2020 | Catastrophic Injuries & Death |

While the summer months have come and gone, the warm weather remains in Texas. This means that many residents and visitors still enjoy the water, whether it is on the beach, boat or personal watercraft. Although one can enjoy the water is a wide range of ways, the reality is that some activities pose some risks. Take a personal watercraft, for example. These watercrafts provide enjoyable travel on the water, but their high speeds create risks to those on them and those traveling near them. Thus, following an accident involving a personal watercraft, like a Jet Ski, it is vital that those harmed in the incident understand the cause and who was responsible for the accident.

Jet Ski accidents and injuries

The injuries that could befall a victim of a Jet Ski accident victim could be significant and catastrophic. A head or spinal cord injury is likely, as a rider could bang into the Jet Ski itself or another watercraft it collides with. Fatalities are also a possibility, as injuries could be severe and there is also a chance for drowning. Because the injuries and damages caused by a Jet Ski accident can be significant, it is important to take time to determine and establish responsibility.

Responsible parties for a Jet Ski accident

It is possible that the rider was responsible for the incident, meaning that they will shoulder the expenses that follow the accident; however, other parties may be accountable for the incident. In cases where the personal watercraft was rented, the rental company could be held liable if it is determined that something in their control was the cause of the accident. This typically means that they failed to properly maintain it, such as addressing necessary repairs and regular maintenance.

The manufacturer of the personal watercraft could also be a responsible party. If the equipment was faulty or defective, this could lead to the manufacturer facing accountability if an accident results. Finally, other jet ski riders or boat operators on the water could be held liable if their negligence resulted in a collision with the Jet Ski.

Serious and fatal injuries could follow an accident involving a jet ski, making it imperative that those injured or impacted by the accident to uncover the cause and liability of the incident. Once this is asserted or established, an injured victim or a loved one of a deceased victim could recover compensation through a personal injury action or wrongful death claim. These legal actions could help offset the damages arising form the accident, such as medical bills, funeral expenses, pain and suffering, lost wages and other related losses.


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