We are here to help with injuries from defective products

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We are here to help with injuries from defective products

On Behalf of | Nov 20, 2020 | Product Liability |

As a society, we hold product manufacturers to a high safety standard because we expect products to work as intended and to not injure us. Companies that manufacture, sell and distribute products must ensure that the products they profit from are safe for everyone. But, this, unfortunately, is not always the case, and sometimes, injuries occur due to defective products. This is where a product liability lawsuit is used to hold these negligent manufacturer’s accountable.

What usually happens once manufacturers are contacted?

When an injury occurs, those injured usually contact the manufacturer or store where they purchased the good for help. Unfortunately, these companies and their insurance companies do not have their customer’s best interests in mind when injured customers contact them. Rather, their primary concern is protecting their own interest. This means fighting every product liability claim. This usually means shifting the blame to the consumer, or trying to get a quick settlement. Do not let these tactics work. Contact us immediately.

But, what if one is unsure if they have a products liability case?

Again, call us immediately. Initial consultations are free, and we can determine whether one has a claim or not. After all, not every product liability claim is apparent. For example, one may have gotten into a car accident that was determine to be their fault, but what if the real cause was faulty breaks. Or, like the automotive cases from years back, faulty accelerators.

Perhaps, the injury stems from a household appliance. Figuring out which manufacturer is responsible can quickly become complicated. After all, if a water heater explodes, was it the installer, plumber, water heater manufacturer, part supplier, etc. that is to blame? If a coffee maker explodes, could it actually be traced to a home’s faulty wiring? These are not always easy answer, which is why we are here to help.

Our firm

Our Houston, Texas, firm has nearly 50 years of legal experience in product liability lawsuits, and over that time, we have always dedicated ourselves to attaining the best possible outcomes for each and every client. Once contacted, we immediately can help identify the specific product defect that caused an injury. Then, we guide clients through the process to recover every dollar injured clients are entitled to under the law. Remember, product liability lawsuits are also about preventing similar injuries too.

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