Deadly multi-vehicle accident on Southwest Freeway

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Deadly multi-vehicle accident on Southwest Freeway

On Behalf of | Dec 8, 2020 | Catastrophic Injuries & Death |

It is no secret that our roadways sometimes feel like a Mad Max movie. With Houston being the economic heart of Texas and with a booming population, our roadways are normally congested. In fact, traffic around here is the norm, not the exception. Unfortunately, with this congestion also comes the increased risk of accidents, including deadly car vehicle accidents. This was the case in a recent multi-vehicle accident on Southwest Freeway.

The fatal accident

According to the Houston Police Department, the accident happened on the inbound lanes of Southwest Freeway (near Fondren Road) around 1:00 p.m., near a construction zone with reduced lanes. The woman’s car was impacted from behind by a SUV. The SUV’s impact caused the car to lurch forward, hitting two additional vehicles, including one vehicle with a family of five inside. The woman died as a result, but no other injuries were reported.

HPD claims that the SUV was speeding and that this may have been a factor in the accident as the woman’s car was either stopped or moving slowly through the construction zone. Though, HPD is still investigating the accident, and it is still unknown whether alcohol or drugs were a factor in the mult-vehicle accident.

The takeaway

Bluntly, that our Houston, Texas, metro area roads are dangerous. And, even when we are diligently and safely driving, like it appears was the case for this woman, a motor vehicle accident is always just moments away. But, when one is impacted by the negligence of another on the road, call an attorney immediately. Even the family of one killed by that same negligence should call an attorney as well. Our state has laws that protect victims and allow them and their families to seek civil justice to, hopefully, get back to some sense of financial normalcy.

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