How car color impacts your chances of getting involved in accidents

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How car color impacts your chances of getting involved in accidents

On Behalf of | May 12, 2021 | Catastrophic Injuries & Death |

Very few experiences beat the excitement of buying your first car. Before you settle on one, there are several factors you consider. These factors include the mileage, the car model, the safety features, and the color. Interestingly, among the safety features, car color tops the list. Car dealers in Texas will tell you that some car colors are more prone to car accidents than others.

Which are the safest car colors?

Car colors that are considered safe include white and silver. White is considered the safest car color available. You are highly unlikely to get involved in a car accident when driving a white vehicle. The argument behind this is that the darker the car, the less visible it is. This, in turn, makes shadowy vehicles more prone to accidents.

Additionally, white-colored vehicles are visible even in poor weather conditions. It also helps that they contrast well with the road’s dark background. The white color can be visible from long distances even when the weather is poor.

Another safe car color is gold. While gold-colored cars are scarce, it is a very safe color. Gold tends to contrast very well with most backgrounds, including trees. This color also reflects light, especially during the night.

Other safe colors that will reduce car accidents include yellow, pink, beige, and orange. You may notice that they are all bright colors. Such colors contrast nicely with various backgrounds.

Which colors are the worst for your car?

Generally, dark colors are not safe. You are likely to be involved in a road accident when driving a dark-colored vehicle. Such accidents usually lead to catastrophic injuries and death.

The most dangerous car color is black despite black vehicles looking sleek and elegant. A black car is difficult to notice, especially at night or when there is poor weather.

Dark vehicles blend with most factors in the environment, such as trees and the tarmac. This makes them dangerous for other road users. You are more likely to ram into a dark-colored vehicle than a brightly colored one. For your safety and that of other road users, consider purchasing brightly colored vehicles.

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