E-commerce sites now held accountable for faulty products

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E-commerce sites now held accountable for faulty products

On Behalf of | Jun 30, 2021 | Product Liability |

In today’s modern world, e-commerce stores have become a forefront for business owners. However, as many consumers in Texas and across the country have discovered, buying things online doesn’t guarantee they will operate as promised. Thankfully, courts are now holding some e-commerce stores liable for the damage their products cause, giving consumers the opportunity to get compensation for their injuries and damages.

E-commerce product liability

For years, online e-commerce stores thought that they were protected from all legal ramifications if they sold defective merchandise. E-commerce providers frequently sold products from third-party producers that were misrepresented. What looked like a good product with fantastic reviews might actually ship directly from another country with no testing or guarantees.

One significant court case changed all of that. When a hoverboard sold on Amazon by a third party was defective and caused serious injuries, the courts determined that it was Amazon’s place to take responsibility for the damages.

How this can change e-commerce stores

The court case establishing Amazon’s product liability may drastically change the way that businesses operate online. Instead of offering defective products with no testing, e-commerce stores may find themselves fearing consequences. The result will likely be slightly higher prices for better products and greater responsibility. For those injured by defective products, this change may help to get them the compensation they need to move forward with their lives.

What if you are injured?

If you get injured by a product that you buy online, you don’t want to deal with the consequences without any compensation. Manufacturers and e-commerce stores are being held at fault more often, making it worthwhile to consider a lawsuit if you’ve been injured by something you purchased online. You can talk to an attorney to discover what kind of case you may have and how much the compensation might be.

When you purchase something from an e-commerce store, you don’t expect to be putting your safety and well-being on the line! If you are injured or experience damage due to an e-commerce purchase, consider looking into your lawsuit options.

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