Issues with sunscreen in Texas

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Issues with sunscreen in Texas

On Behalf of | Aug 10, 2021 | Product Liability |

Researchers have requested U.S. regulators to take some sunscreens off the market, such as Banana Boat, Neutrogena, and Coppertone, stating that these products contain a potential carcinogen. If you have used these brands, here is some important information about product liability.

The FDA petition

Scientists have petitioned the Food and Drug Administration to take all sunscreens containing octocrylene off the market. Products that include this chemical could contain benzophenone, which is a possible carcinogen that can interfere with certain hormones and reproductive organs, according to a research group led by the Haereticus Environmental Labor executive director. The laboratory assesses risks to the environment and human health. A trade group stated that the report was “misleading,” but the researchers’ findings might be helpful to individuals who want to file a product liability case.

More on the report

Researchers asserted that around 2,400 sunscreen products are made with octocrylene, an ingredient that may not be safe. They also shared that the FDA doesn’t know how safe octocrylene is.

In 2019, concerns about sunscreen products increased when the FDA asked sunscreen manufacturers to present safety data on product ingredients. An independent testing lab discovered levels of another potential cancer-causing chemical, benzene, in some sunscreens, which led to recalls.

According to research from the FDA, the body absorbs enough of the chemicals in sunscreen to warrant additional testing. However, there is no evidence that sunscreen companies have offered safety information that was requested by the FDA years ago, according to a senior scientist at the Environmental Working Group. A spokesperson for the FDA asserts that the FDA takes safety concerns seriously and that the agency will continue to monitor the marketplace to ensure that consumers can purchase safe sunscreen products.

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