The dangers of driving while tired

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The dangers of driving while tired

On Behalf of | Nov 15, 2021 | Catastrophic Injuries & Death |

Motor vehicle accidents occur daily in the Houston, Texas, area. Sadly, people can end up with serious injuries or even die if they’re in a crash. While many different factors lead to accidents, driving while drowsy is one of the most common. You should know the dangers of driving while tired.

Why is drowsy driving so dangerous?

Drowsy driving increases the risk of motor vehicle accidents. When a person gets behind the wheel when overly tired, it can have the same effect as someone driving drunk. Being tired while driving can reduce a person’s reaction time and judgment. Someone may not be able to slow down or stop before it’s too late. Sleep disorders, shift work, certain medications, a poor night’s sleep and daylight saving time can all lead to this problem.

How can you avoid driving while drowsy?

You can do some things to make sure that you don’t drive while drowsy. Planning ahead can help prevent auto accidents. You can have someone trustworthy accompany you on a driving trip if you’re worried about falling asleep at the wheel. This person can keep you awake and alert.

Make regular stops if you have to travel long distances. You can take a breather, stretch your legs, and grab something to eat and drink. For every 100 miles traveled, you should stop every two or so hours. If you’re taking an especially long trip, you may want to stop at a motel and sleep for a while if you’re very tired.

Avoid taking prescription or over-the-counter medications that can cause drowsiness. You should also avoid drinking alcohol when you must drive.

If you have a sleep disorder or suspect you have one, see a doctor to discuss potential treatment options. You may also want to enter a sleep clinic for evaluation.

Of course, you should also get enough sleep each night. Adults require at least seven or eight hours of quality sleep to feel refreshed and alert throughout the day.

Getting enough sleep can prevent serious car accidents. If you’re too tired, arrange for an alternate ride home.

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