Severity and different types of catastrophic injuries

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Severity and different types of catastrophic injuries

On Behalf of | Mar 31, 2022 | Catastrophic Injuries & Death |

Have you suffered a catastrophic injury in Texas? It could have come as a result of a car accident or a slip and fall at work. However the incident happened, it will take time for you to recover from these injuries. Here’s what you should know about what gets categorized as a catastrophic injury.

What are the most common catastrophic injuries?

A wide variety of injuries can be grouped together under the heading of a catastrophic injury. For example, you might receive severe damage to your spinal cord that can result in temporary or permanent paralysis. Nerve damage is less intense although this can result in loss of feeling for parts of your body.

Other types of catastrophic injuries can affect your eyes or your brain. Eye injuries can result in impaired vision or the loss of your sight. An injury to the brain can leave you with permanent cognitive or emotional issues. This can be so bad that your injury affects your ability to work or function unassisted.

Make sure your injuries are fully documented

The most important thing to do after you receive a catastrophic injury is to make sure that you seek medical attention. This is the most important thing you can do to avoid permanent disability or death. The sooner you get your injuries treated by a physician, the better your chances will be of making a full recovery.

You also need to get your injuries documented so that you can present a record of them to your insurance company. This should include all of the treatments, tests and medications that you may have received. All of these documents will form the evidence you need to prove your case when you submit your injury claim.

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