Wheel and tire disasters with large trucks

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Wheel and tire disasters with large trucks

On Behalf of | Apr 7, 2022 | Catastrophic Injuries & Death |

Truck crashes don’t always involve speeding or intoxicated driving: Sometimes, drivers on Texas roads suffer severe injuries when a wheel comes off an oversized rig. The massive size of the tire could inflict disastrous harm or even fatalities. An investigation may reveal that negligence led to the incident.

Tractor-trailers and tire mishaps

When a wheel or tire flies off a semi-truck moving at 55 mph, the object could hit another car at a frightening velocity. If debris from a tire or wheel hits a moving car’s windshield, the shock could lead the driver to swerve and crash. Debris hitting a motorcyclist or pedestrian may result in an immediate fatality.

A civil and/or criminal investigation might uncover compelling evidence of negligence after the incident. Perhaps the tire had extremely low treads and signs of dry rot. Pertinent questions may then arise about why no one replaced the tire. Such questions may become critical during a civil lawsuit filed by the crash victim or their loved ones.

Liability and wheel disasters

The aftermath of truck and motor vehicle accidents may involve legal actions. An investigation related to a lawsuit may reveal that the trucking company did not perform recommended repairs and maintenance, potentially opening the business to legal consequences. Drivers who ignore apparent dangers may face civil consequences too.

Victims of the accident might feel surprised to discover that liability lies not with the trucking company or its employees. Instead, a third party contributed to the incident: A negligent mechanic could be the sole cause of the disaster, or manufacturers may be guilty of selling defective products. Several parties may be partially liable and face claims so that the victims receive compensation.

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