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Experienced Guidance In Oil And Gas Litigation

The oil and gas fields in Texas are a significant part of our economy. With everything at stake, having experienced legal counsel who is familiar with the “oil patch” is essential to your success.

Whether you are a property owner, lessor, lessee, royalty interest owner, drilling company, work-over rig operator, vacuum truck hauler, pumper – whatever your interest is in the oil and gas industry, The Lewis Law Firm has been involved in dozens of cases in successfully representing the interest of our clients.

Our experience in oil and gas contracts and litigation matters include:

  • Hearings before regulatory agencies
  • Royalty interest litigation
  • Oil field pollution claims
  • Pipeline construction and failures
  • Oil field exploration agreements
  • Take-or-pay contract disputes

Let Us Start Representing Your Needs Today

If you need a dedicated and driven litigation attorney for your oil and gas needs, contact our offices in Houston. Call 713-842-7080 or send an email with a brief explanation of your legal matter. We will return your call and schedule a consultation with Craig Lewis as soon as possible.

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